New Jersey Blood Drive (Dirty Version)

by Solo For Dolo

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Feel like I'm live amongst the living dead.
Save on the cash cow, eat the Vicodin instead.
17 words to pledge, now its gone inside your head.
You're a full blown junkie, no coming back from the ledge.
And even if you get there, You never quite really get there.
And anywhere you show up you're only just bringing stress there.
And tho I'm always known to smell most of Jamaican red hairs.
I never stuck a needle in my vein to help it get there…
I guess thats where you crossed the line.
And ever since that day tho, its been all thats on your mind.
Hard to get to know when most every word is a lie.
Honestly, my advice is the blind leading the blind.
I tried, And lately there aint noting left to say.
Guess its best to go our separate ways…
But we live for the worst…
And as long as you stay quenching your thirst,
The most you'll ever get from me is this verse.
And you gone tell me it hurts…
Not seeing that theres pain here on this other side.
To anyone who knew you yo, you pretty much died.
Don't act like we aint did you a million favors.
Been fucked over royally, stole from. tainted.
Not holding grudges, just calling it how its seen.
The 20's that i'd spot you that funded an addicts dream.
Grandmother crying still on the nightly and calling me.
And I'm still juggling my shit too… what you need?
Come on man, I always fucking had your back, you know that shit.
Tho you were probably too damn high to notice it.
Not the best track record and frankly, your motives shaky.
Too real up in the field to roll with people who flakey.
The garden that raised me, Is killing off the kids that it grew.
Sad but its true, Don't let the next victim be you.
They got discount coffins in twos, Pick or choose.
One of lives simplest rules, Its either win or you loose.

These two turntables and a mic.
Keep going around like the mission of your life.
Out of mind, Out of vision, Out of sight. [2x]


released 28 September 2014
Written By : C.Cerchio aka Solo For Dolo for Boogie Down Apocalypse (ASCAP)
Produced By : Nemisis
Recorded, Mixed & Designed By : Solo For Dolo



all rights reserved


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