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released July 21, 2016


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Solo For Dolo New Jersey

Twitter / Instagram : @Solofordolo

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Track Name: NO LIE$ ft Ren Thomas / produced by : P.Original
NO LIE$ (ft Ren Thomas)

[verse 1 - solo for dolo]
You got a hashtag but forgot your bars,
Im on a golden road until I reach the land of oz.
You lame rappers is lacking the brain matter,
To even grab a microphone and pretend that your shit matters.
Went from pussies pretending to grip hammers,
To white kids rapping who looking like Ned Flanders.
I never found Doug funny and you Roger Klutz,
Watching Ren & Stimpy, Redman got me smoking blunts.
From my first tape people said that shit bumps.
I was too busy chasing tail to ever really give a fuck, but.
Fucks were gave, Albums dropped, Shit remained the same.
But different over time from all perspective thats been gained.
The day I change my lane, Hell will freeze heavens gates.
Pigs will fly and Donald Trump will announce that he changed his name…
To Muhammad, Open a Non Profit,
Funnel funds into a super pact Hillary Clinton sponsored.
Im a monster, Tagged in my alma matter,
Drop the shit that got the atheists screaming out Our Fathers.
No regards to the pricks who patrol the corridors.
Thats why Im steady moving while muthafuckas just talk too much…

[hook - ren thomas]
No, No, You can't do what I do,
I, I, Am not the one to lie to.

[verse2 - solo for dolo]
Got these muthafuckas hating that I'm still alive,
Killing time, Leaving blood spilling at the finish line.
Been inclined, To twine, Cynical shit in rhymes.
Widdle minds down to the stem cell as they twist through lines.
Im fortified live, Minus all the smoke and mirrors.
Interference by the pussies who could only fear us.
Homie hear this, You wife's letter says "Johnny Dearest"
Neighbors can't keep a straight face doggy you know they hear it.
Blow on mirrors, Just to cater to your ego.
Whole vision played out something like Caleco.
Weather you flip pedico or keeping it legal beagle.
Its been written… I keep my shit up tighter than a keegle
Do You See? I Regulate like Warren G
Fools Rush Associations now they stranded second string.
Came for rings like thirsty hoes asking for drinks.
Too many pawns up in the game making weak claims of king.
So fuck em all, My teams plotting on a stake now.
Any move we make, we go and kick it at the playground.
From platinum plus all the muthafuckin way down.
No matter what you thought we all at war with the same clowns.

[hook - ren thomas]
No, No, You can't do what I do,
I, I, Am not the one to lie to.

[verse 3 - solo for dolo]
Im hung like Vanilla Ice from Balconies,
Ask your Suge, Cuz you know that she could vouch for me.
On my Phife shit. Bust a nut on your couch and leave.
Hop up on the Turnpike feeling like as a leaf.
Bustin frees that got venues paying me.
While you be paying them… Difference tween you and me…
I actually MC… You just wanna be…
Already did the shit you fusers could never see.
Levitated on stage like I'm David Blane.
Gave the crowd shrooms just to understand what I'm saying.
No explaining I'm aiming a loaded statement.
Intended to blow your mind like a mile drop to the pavement.
This is heinous to all y'all in the Matrix,
With your eyes on the prize… believing in that fake shit.
Unique and insane twists that wound up sinking the ship.
The same hand that rule us is ruling through politics.
Pathological liars, Junkies and Terrorists.
The bars set low and it brought us down into this.
And in the final hour, the closing message is grim...
Rome wasn't built in a day… But it certainly fell quick…

[hook - ren thomas]
No, No, You can't do what I do,
I, I, Am not the one to lie to.